Indiegogo Poem

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Wisdom is hard won.

I’m not the only one

who will tell you this

leaders will say it every time

experience beats training,

and if you like to rhyme

then for sure,

this movie’s got something for you, too.

It’s abso*ing-lutely true!
And that’s the only truth you’ll find in here.

Even though it might seem queer,

the rest is stories with names and places changed,

making it fiction. All facts re-arranged.
In order to help you empathize with your enemies

and come to terms with those who’ve done you wrong,
To help you work as a team, to face threats to the earth

told by way of a story, starting with a song,

before my birth, travelling back in time to 1969.

That trip, the first (chronologically) of many crimes.

The meandering through lines

of this story

are morality,

and lapses in modern life

mostly of men,

in disservice of children,

mother, mistress, and wife.
But also of failures

and triumphs. A drama.
Why a crime? Time travel is contraindicated

for those with anxiety, paranoia,

personality disorders

those with porous personal borders

or plates in their heads,

screws in their teeth,

also clients who pay after more than 2 weeks.
Also any who fail to properly bequeath

their assets to their worldly heirs.
If any of these happens to be you

I’m sorry to say you’re totally screwed.
Get ready, then, to dry your own tears,

you’re stuck in the present, except between your ears.

and we know for sure that data gets corrupted.
That’s why in spite of my own doctor’s advice

I’ve time travelled. On the black market. Taken a vice.

In order to know the truth, and sell it to you, twice.

Back to 1945

when one of our progenitors

was left lucky to be alive

but came home changed

personality rearranged.
Unable to talk or share his woes

bottled it up for a lifetime.
Eggshells or tippy toes,

or let it out – that’s how it goes!
Something we’ll talk about a lot on this show

Personality change and how to guide it just-so.
I’m no expert, just a test case,

a good one, with a past that’s impossible to erase.

Sorry about that, if you’re a sci-fi fan –

we can’t change the past, just go back,

and see it again through another perspective.
We’ll do that a few times

reanalyze often unreported crimes

to see exactly how they go

from multiple perspectives.

Not like the usual documentary you know

It’s only the courses you like – all electives!

For example:

Crime Fiction



Space Opera




Religious Appreciation


We’ll also travel forward in time

that’s not at all a crime

We already alldo it every day

or so some curious scientists say.

So, if you’re a do-gooder

you can watch only do-gooder parts.

Just skip past the gory start

and you’re good for the rest of the series of shorts

We’ll be starting that particular section with Sports.


That is why

no matter who you are

you should fund me

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For yourself, for me

to raise the bar

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