Ride to Work

In honour of the so-called snowstorm buffeting Toronto yesterday , I limited the errands, stayed in and worked on this trippy little thing for your enjoyment:

It’s my ride to work in honour of Ride to Work day, February 12. Since the wind gusts were 30-50km against me on February 12, I instead rode the bus to my work that day, shooting behind-the-scenes of a TV series in production at The Back Lot. This video was from Feb 10 when the weather was a little warmer.  I wanted to catch the snow!

Speaking of ride to “Work” that phrase gets a song stuck in my head.  Why? Check out the new DOUBLE video from Rihanna ft Drake: Work.

Shot in two cities by rival crews,
Drake and Ri Ri made the news.


Adventures in Bliss: Bridge to Clairmont Camera


This week, the weather was great so we hit the road to say hi to old friends and new. Each week I spend a day riding 40km with some cargo (including Bliss the dog) as part of my training regimen.

This was an exciting morning as the weather was a crisp 2 degrees above freezing. Our friend was prepping for another series, getting her DIT cart ready for a long stint on the road.

We started our day dropping family cargo 4km west of home base. From there we mapped our route, turned on the fitness tracker and hit the road.

Along the way, we found a shortcut across a lovely bridge. Discovering new bridges is one of my favourite parts of riding. Our map told us not to take this route, but we ventured it anyway.  It was so pretty we had to turn around and film it. Just one pass.

Pair it with some uplifting music.

The ride back downtown was much easier. Mostly downhill!